When You Love the Same People, You Love Each Other

by Fellow Hollow

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an ep from merion village


released October 26, 2016

all songs written by fellow hollow

guitars, drums by luke elliot fleeman
vocals, lyrics, piano by andrew gavin williams

recorded and mixed by andrew gavin williams
mastered by carl saff

artwork by emma kindall

track 5 lyrics come partly from a poem by julia kindall ::
Flying blind. goo.gl/x8SWya


all rights reserved



Fellow Hollow Columbus, Ohio

good as your grandma's pink wallpaper / love ya


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Track Name: Clothesline
My granddad’s wooden cars and twine. but the patio cracked all those times and those cars rolled heavy down the bloodline

My grandma hung it on the line but the clothes were dry so I resigned. and they don't dry unless you dry my eyes

Close your eyes
you’re not alone
you’re not alone as long as someone’s home
cross my heart and hope to die
your eyes are in the yard so they can dry

Old black walnut and power lines are mixed in but I’m on the boughs of blue skies. they yell from the ground that I might die

Ooo, sumter are you in decline? yet still you stand, as unmanned, as your light curls slowly cross the coastline..and I am found

Close your eyes
you’re not alone
you’re not alone as long as someone’s home
cross my heart and hope to die
your eyes are in the yard so they can dry

I’m not where I’m supposed to be, I’m not where I’m supposed to be
I am my own colony with my best foot in front of me
Track Name: Unabashed
before I’m hocked up
fuddled up and slammed shut
before I got them straw guts
throwing down in grey ruts
before I’m out cold
all the while my flock flown
before I’m unknown / full blown / full grown

before I minnowed my ties
and widowed myself from your light blue skies
before I got welled shut
and swelled up in your eyes
before I’m flung on down
from the plane wing / some plain thing
I know you’ll be watching
safely on the ground
Track Name: Temporal Tilt
Winter’s coming my love
what will we do?

Daylight’s leaving my lungs
what will we do?
I don’t know
are you a ghost?

I feel my age is parceled on my hands
this temporal tilt I cannot understand
another day gone
rolled coolly down my neck

a snowy dune

one time
three more’s four

you’re drinking my heart up through a straw
but it’s a ruse

I feel the moon is pulling at my chest
I feel the wind is swaying on my wrist
the dark wet grass is sticking to my hips
the soft white pine is piping on my lips

I can lie here a while till I’m swallowed up.. in this

One time
three more’s four
Track Name: Aisles
i got this feeling coming over me
this is where i want to be me
come watch the storm
some loose frame in a door
i come on like a buzzing swarm
~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~
when you love the same people you love each other
**~~~~** **~~~~** **~~~~**
i think that I just need a minute
got them smiling eyes for miles and miles
full for you
i got this feeling running down the street
i am someone looking on
the steps on st. leo
come watch the storm
unless you wanted more
a nightmare like i’m misinformed
when you love
may & june
the same people
you parachute
you love each other
windows down
i think that i just need a minute
in holy aisles
got them crocodiles
surprise surprise
and who do you think you are
Track Name: Wake
Flying blind. https://goo.gl/x8SWya
a poem by julia kindall ::


I tripped on your TV
in the hallway to your room
halfway through the phleum
so you came in after me
you’re carved out like a spoon
a ghost in your perfume

And she slid through the pavement
banshee hid in the basement

Mom woke me up
to tell me all about the planes in New York
and how some things fall down
and she left me there crying on the stairs

I’m boxed up into thirds
and I guess I got your mail
it’s got me on the rails
and so now I look at birds
and babies’ painted nails
and how my figments fail

And she cribbed in her haven
banshee hid in amazement

Dad woke me up
with a requiem for a beating heart
and how some things with wings fall down
I didn't understand

Someday wake me up
someday fly awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Track Name: Arma Inermis
and when we wake up
might all be a dream
just a dream
and some years from now
we might wake up

i went my own way
``arma inermis ``

asleep on the train
out of adelaide
sweet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, unafraid
peace be with you
peace be with you wherever you go

i went my own way
``arma inermis ``

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